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TWIGulum is mahatmama's namesake multi-cultural Waldorf-Inspired 'curriculum' for parents, teachers or care-givers looking for weekly routine built on an annual calendar of holidays from cultures around the world.  Written by a Mother/Director of a small children's playgroup cooperative.  Makes for an excellent addition for any family library.  The TWIG series also includes the TWIGHandwork book, TWIGyoga CD and TWIGyoga pciture book.

Available in paperback.

TWIGHandwork is the companion handwork instruction book for all handwork found in TWIGulum (see above).  Book contains photos, and steo by step instructions for how to create multi-cultural handwork keepsakes.

Available for Kindle and soon in paperback.

TWIGyoga CD is yoga-telling for young children. The companion booklet allows the child to see the forms and use them throughout the story. Groundbreaking at the time of its release in 2009, this CD is a timeless addition to any family with generations of young children. 

Available on CD.

TWIGyoga: Beachside is a child-size picture paperback book that brings yoga-telling to the page. The child is able to follow the story through yoga-poses, guided by their yoga-friends who spend an easy breezy day at the beach.  Delightful, simple and helpful for the easily distracted child who loves to mix stories with physical movement.

Available for Kindle or in paperback.

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